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Nepal is blessed with rich agro-climatic conditions and it produces a diverse set of agricultural produce. It has the potential to be the world's top producers in most of the major crops, herbs, fruits and vegetables. However, the present agriculture data represents to be the lowest in the world in terms of production and productivity. Value addition to agricultural produce is little and is crippled by lack of modernization and various constraints. The potential of Nepalese agribusiness is simply huge if those bottlenecks are addressed.

Thus, R&D Innovative Solution was incorporated in 2010, aiming to address the challenges and providing solutions to farmers and agribusiness entities. The company has been working in 3C (Communication, Consulting and Coordination) of the agriculture sector with an aim to be recognized as top agribusiness solution provider in the country.


Publication of agriculture magazine Krishak ra Prabidhi

The company has been publishing an agriculture monthly magazine since last 4 years. The magazine covers the wider range of agriculture information regarding government policies, farming techniques, market, latest technologies and raises the voice of farming communities. It acts as a bridge between the farming community and the agriculture policy makers. The magazine has become the largest selling agriculture magazine in Nepal with the subscription of more than 5000 copies.

Krishi Uddhyamshala (Agribusiness Consulting)

The Company provides consulting service to existing farmers and for the agro aspirants. This wing of the company helps farmers and agribusiness people in developing business plan, helps in having access to bank and insurance services. It provides technical service to set up new farm houses, upgrade existing farm houses and provides linkage to the local as well as international market. We are the only private organization in Nepal totally dedicated in the agribusiness consulting.

R & D Farms

The Company has been running a vegetable farm house as training as well as testing center. The farm covers an area of 9000 sq.m.. Green vegetables are grown in the farm year around and the field based training for farmers are conducted in the farm. The farm provides testing facility service for introducing new technologies and inputs in the market.

R &D Green Mart

The Company runs a vegetable retail chain business in Kathmandu. At present there are 5 retail outlets selling around 1000 kg of green vegetables daily. Green Mart has a distinct operating model in the vegetable market. The vegetables are procured directly from the listed farmers reducing at least 3 middle men which enable the company to have a competitive advantage in the market. We assure the quality of the vegetables distributed through our network.

Magazine Krishak ra Prabidhi

Agribusiness Consulting

R & D Farms

R & D Green Mart

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